Vitreous Enamel flue pipe 1000mm for sale MCD Stove Centre Barnsley, manchester, Yorkshire, UK.

VE 6' Flue Pipe Enameled - 1000mm

Vitreous Enamelled Flue pipes are enamelled steel pipes which are coated on both the inside & outside of the pipe. MCD Stove Centre UK supplies a range of Vitreous Flue pipes which have been specially designed for multi-fuel burning stoves which require very high pressure. The Flue have a total thickness, including the steel + enamel, of 1.2mm. These pipes are laser welded and perfectly resistant even to extreme situations such as a soot-fire (a fire that occurs inside the pipe) without being damaged or modified.

MCD Stove Centre stock Flue pipes which are extremely high quality and are CE approved. These products guarantee the resistance and stability of the colour even at very high temperatures: classified as class T600, the highest according to standard EN1856-2.

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